Product Liability

The Product Liability attorneys at Cousineau, Van Bergen, McNee & Malone, P.A. have represented manufacturers, sellers, distributors, and others responsible for maintaining products in claims alleging design or manufacturing defects. These cases are complex and often involve allegations of negligence, strict liability, breach of warranty, and failure to warn, and seek damages based on property damage, personal injury, and wrongful death.

Any product liability case requires a determination as to whether the product was unreasonably dangerous so as to be legally defective, when the defect was created, whether the defect caused the injury or damages alleged, and whether anyone other than the manufacturer was involved in creating the defect or causing the damages. That may include the user/consumer who misused, altered/modified, assumed the risk, or otherwise used the product beyond its useful life.

Our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to investigate and develop these issues in order to best defend our clients. We have done so in cases involving water heaters, heaters in agricultural vehicles, furnaces, punch presses, ladders, seating, casters, amplifiers, and other industrial and consumer products as well as food alleged to be contaminated.