Attorney Michael D. Sharkey – Cemetery & Mortuary Law Specialist

In addition to his standard practice of automobile and premises liability cases, Shareholder Michael Sharkey works in the unique field of mortuary law.  While some people see this is as a grim and morbid area of law, Sharkey practices it as a labor of love, helping individuals address their greatest losses with respect and care.  In a recent case, Sharkey helped a family exhume a casket that was buried in 1968.  At that time, the deceased and his wife were in a terrible car crash; he was buried alone in a single plot while his wife was in a coma for months.  She recovered, but her husband had already been buried without her ability to have input on these essential end-of-life decisions.  Now, decades later, he will be cremated, and his ashes will be mingled with his wife’s ashes in a single urn for their daughter to keep.  In the often believed-to-be soulless legal field, it is hard to image a scenario where a lawyer’s actions have a more direct effect on a family’s peace of mind.